Upstart scripts for Gunicorn and tmux

A short time ago, I worked on a web application that need both Gunicorn (behind a proxy server, like nginx) and some external scripts executed in a tmux session. The web application is deployed on a university lab's server, which was often down, mostly due to the overloading created by the A/C operating full-time in this season. As a consequence there was the need to login and start the [Read More]

How to use MongoDB (and PyMongo) with Flask-Login

Before deciding to use Ghost, I was thinking to create my blog platform from scratch using Flask, its extensions and MongoDB. The first thing I thought about was sessions and users management. Flask has a nice extension, called Flask-Login, that handles all details for you, so I started to dig further into its documentation. Unfortunately, every example is written using SQLAlchemy which has a different syntax as opposed to pymongo [Read More]


I tried to start a blog on Linux several years ago, but I abandoned the idea while I was writing the first post (I barely reach half of it). The reason is that I hate writing. So, why is this blog different? I don't know. Probably because I liked the idea to have a custom domain and the Ghost platform surprised me with its simplicity. So, what am I going [Read More]