After many researches I finally changed my blog theme! It hasn't been easy to find the right one because Steam is awesome and has everything I need.

Simply, I just wanted something less minimal than Steam, with the same set of features, but at the same time not too heavy to load. This set of requirements made the choice really hard.


Decent was the first theme that caught my eye. It has an impressive set of features and its style is really awesome. Unfortunately, I didn't like the title font (yes, I could have changed it) and probably its look&feel is more suitable for designers than coders.


Lanyon is a famous theme ported from the jekyll platform and the custom-coloured sidebar is very attractive. So I tried it locally, but seeing it live wasn't as beautiful as in screenshots.


Minimalistic is a theme with a very small sidebar present on every page. Unfortunately, headings' size is not well managed and I didn't want to modify the CSS, or better I tried and failed.


A very particular theme with great typography in mind, really awesome! Every feature was there, it was minimal, but with personality.

Unfortunately headings with inline code (see figure below) are not good (I know, I'm a picky person) and so I decided to move on with my research.


Beautiful Ghost

Since I didn't have any other free Ghost theme to check, I started to look at other platforms and I found beautiful jekyll. It was what I was looking for, but there was no version for Ghost (I also found a version for Hugo).

So after a brief look at the code, I decided to write a porting for Ghost!

The result is an open-source theme called Beautiful Ghost which works great! Feedback and pull requests are really welcome and I hope you will like it as much as I do :)