Fix Let's Encrypt certificate renewal

Last month I received an email from Let's Encrypt stating that my certificate would have expired in 20 days. I immediately thought it was weird because I set automatic renewal in a crontab job running every night with the following command (suggested by the official guide): certbot-auto renew --quiet --no-self-upgrade --pre-hook "service nginx stop" --post-hook "service nginx start" As a consequence, 30 days before the expiration, certificate is renewed and [Read More]

Beautiful Ghost: a new theme for Ghost!

After many researches I finally changed my blog theme! It hasn't been easy to find the right one because Steam is awesome and has everything I need. Simply, I just wanted something less minimal than Steam, with the same set of features, but at the same time not too heavy to load. This set of requirements made the choice really hard. Decent Decent was the first theme that caught my [Read More]

Python funny story: split() vs split(" ")

Today I would like to tell you a funny story about a problem that I faced at work. We are a security company and we have many systems that process logs for various purposes. Many of these are written in Python and basically split the log lines to work on specific fields. In Python, the split function splits on a specific string if specified, otherwise on spaces (and then you [Read More]

Automatically update self-hosted Ghost

Ghost is wonderful, but every time they publish a new version there are too many steps to perform in order to complete the upgrade. Since doing it manually is boring and prone to errors, I created an easy script that does the dirty job for you. It only needs the version number you want to upgrade to and you're done: ./ 0.11.4 Of course it doesn't [Read More]

Happy new year, folks!

I know, I know, it's been a long time since I've written my last post. Well, one of my new year's resolutions is to find the time to update more frequently the blog. I'll do my best to accomplish this! =) Probably I will try to make my own ghost theme and to also create an "about me" page worthy of the name. But for now, I just want to wish [Read More]